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The ANAL BABES is one of the best punk rock bands to ever roam the snow cowered streets of Oslo ,Norway
and is certainly the best rock band in Norway this decade.
If you need proof :download theese kickass punk classics in MP3 format and be convinced!

Download:  SHOOT THE HOSTAGES(1988kb)
                        PEOPLE ARE GARBAGE(2684kb)
FACE OF FEAR(3184kb)
                  FLABBY SAGGING FLESH(2156kb)
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Live in Germany 96

  Now that you have the right background noise - Here is the story so far:  

The Anal Babes was founded in 1988 by the two members of "Menn som har sex med menn" who found
out that they needed some more members and a less controversial band-name.The first lineup consisted
of -Punk Babe,Vidar Aase (guitars) and Sugar Babe(bass), the first drummer was Abdullahthethief
(now on guitar).After Vidar had to go on an extended assignment to Uruguay for a year, the band searched
the entire planet for a competent guitarist -trying out people like Andreas Gr�tterud(daggers,kung fu-girls)
and Happy-Tom(Turbonegro ,Stierkampf) who played on the first 7" (1990)

                                              "Fear and loathing with the Anal Babes."      (straitjacketrec006)   (listen here)

Pink flamingos (John Waters)  first 7" Cover
By pure luck the band came across an extremely sexy ,bat-swinging, ultraviolent punkrocker named Turd
-who where promptly assigned to be the Anal Babes lead singer and sex-symbol.
A job no-one else in the group had the balls and charisma to do with any style.
The first 7" came out in 1990 and sold out in Norway in a matter of days,it was then re-released in the USA by "sympathy for the record industry". The original cover was thought to be to "hard to handle"for the Americans,
             -so sympathy made this one instead  
After a while the solution to the guitar problem became obvious-the band hired Eros Babe
KAARE AND THE CAVEMEN ) to play drums and gave Abdullah the guitar-a strike of genius!
After this the Anal Babes did a lot of touring- basically in Oslo. During one of the concerts the bassplayer ,Sugar Babe ,dropped his bassguitar 
on the stage-floor and left the stage, in the middle of a song ,screaming"This is it -I've had it with this fucking shit!!!"
- never to be seen again.
The Anal Babes had been out in bad weather before and recovered the loss without to much fuss.
Another bassplayer were found in a guy from T�nsberg ,a town in the southern part of Norway
known for its expensive beer and active neo-nazi groups. His name was Durex and he fitted right in .
The next 7" was released in 1991and was called
"Old whores don't giggle much ep" (BBR002)  (listen here)
First EP -Old whores ...
The band continued to tour Oslo and appeared on some compilation records like "shit too early"(bbr1) and
"penguins and bondage"(thats entertainment rec's) ,before the Anal Babes first full length album came out in 1992
The record was called: "THE DIGNITY OF THE ANAL BABES IS UNIMPEACHABLE" (listen here)
This record is one of the most essential Rock ever to come from Tellus! The self-produced songs include now classic 
songs like "Fuckstuck","Technicolor yodel","Cornuto contente","Hezbollah" and "Bad compulsion"
The "B"-side of the album includes cover versions of songs by bands like Freestone ,Punk Force Commando,
Unnatural Axe,Vox Pop,DMZ,Alan Milman Sect,Big Balls And The Great White Idiot and
The first 500 copies had individual covers-no two were alike-and the vinyl came in nine different shades of brown(!).
A total KILLER in other words.
The record sold out strait away ,of course, and the second pressing did likewise .
After a while there was time for another bassplayer to wimp out-
Durex was playing with another band in T�nsberg called SEIGMEN where he is the singer, and he was finding it
increasingly hard to play in both bands ,and chose to quit the Anal Babes (believe it or not!)
After some serious thinking the band hired a strange little guy from Kolls�s called "TK" ,who was playing in several
other bands -including the legendary hardcore band DISORDER and a weird "folk-punk" band called "B�yenBeng".
He showed some spunk and quit all the other bands to devote his life to the Extremes of Anal-Oriented Rock.
The Anal Babes escaped the horrors of the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer ,Norway, by going on an
extended tour of Europe during the winter of 1994. Touring Germany,Switzerland,France,Belgium and Holland ,
the band shocked and thrilled the audience in every venue they played
,gaining fans everywhere for their hard-hitting ,fast,violent and reckless music and stage-performance.
Most concerts were played in the nude ,with Turd Babe attacking the crowds with a whip -dressed in total leather s/m gear.
 Punk babe with borrowed  "punky" guitar-Live in Switzerland 96 Punk Babe ruins his guitar -Live in Germany
After the tour the newest album was released -after insane delays, - ( listen here)
it was called "DELIRIUM OR DIARRHEA" -the battle-cry of the tour and the motto for survival in today's harsh world!
The songs on this album include "Shoot the hostages""Premature ejaculation""People are garbage""Face of fear"
"Flabby,sagging flesh" and "Less friendly aliens".Also included are coversongs of bands like The Electras
, Dr.Zeke, KSMB, ANGRY SAMOANS , Saints, and of course, Big Balls And The Great White Idiot.
The first pressing sold out strait away as usual-but this time the album was made available on cd by
Voices of Wonder records and Big Ball records (Punk Babe's own label) made a second pressing right away.
A split 7" were made with TURBONEGRO later the same year -with Turbonegero doing Anal Babes "Flabby sagging flesh
on one side and Anal Babes doing Turbnegros "Death time" on the other..
The bassplayer "TK" suddenly moved to Denmark without informing anyone in the band
(or anyone else for that matter)and the Anal Babes (feeling a bit like "the spinal tap") went bass-hunting again-this time 
finding an even stranger and smaller guy called Mongo,this time the band charged a substantial cash deposit to keep
him from leaving, and he stayed for some weeks.
The Anal Babes toured Europe again in september 1996 ,playing Switzerland,Germany and Belgium in six days(!!)
Some releases where released - a split with the swedish 
Gods Brainbombs and some compilation stuff
The band is officially broken up!
The last concerts were held on the 4th and 11th of september 1998
The last release"Cocain Swastika 10" is now out on incognito records.

There is possible to buy the Delirium CD and the Cocaine Swastika 10" online from here
You can get a lot of the music on mp3 from here If you could be bothered with ripping some 
Anal Babes tracks that is not on theese sites pleace send me an e-mail and I'll make it 
avaliable here on the site. The Anal Babes have no problems whatsoever with mp3's beeing
freely distibuted on the net - they never made a cent on the records either.

links to anal babes sites on the www:
Interview from 1993 in moshable - danish rock magazine.
grunnenrocks. has a Anal babes site with a nice discografy with all the songtitles and stuff created by someone with a calendar and a normal attention span.
Demolition derby / Nito- released the anal/brainboms split and the
"seventeen and a half is still jaibait" comp CD
Turbojugendusa are nice and mentions the babes..
all together, it seems to be hard to find Anal Babes stuff on the net without some mention of turbonegro..
or porn..strange..

Final Lineup on the European Tour 96

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